10+ Real Cute Love Stories – Heart Touching Stories

Love is the wonderful feeling. It gives the real taste of Life. Life is the flower of which Love is the honey. Here’s a look at some of the Best Short Love Stories. Sure, they’re heart touching, emotional, cute, short and even a little bit moral stories.

So, Enjoy;

The Last SMS 

(Emotional Love Story)

Love Stories

A Heart Touching Short Love Stories.

A boyfriend texts his sweetheart: exness
Boy: Hey, Sweetheart! How are you?
Girl: Wait for some time. I’m busy with my studies. I’ll chat with you later.
Boy: Babe, can you chat now, please? I wanted to talk.
Girl: I have a deadline, don’t you know that?
Boy: Just once, sweetheart, please? Do you think we can talk for a while?
Girl: Don’t you know that the studies are everything to me? Why are you interrupting me? I have my own rules and life!!!
Boy: Sorry, dear, I’ll text in a bit.

[After sometime…]

Boy: Hey baby, I can’t stay away from you too long… how is your study coming along?

[No answer]

Boy: Babe, it’s 12 now. Why aren’t you answering? I’m anxious!
Girl: Didn’t I say you I’m busy with my thesis? I’ll text you after it’s done. Okay? We can’t talk tomorrow… just go to rest, okay?
Boy: Sorry baby. Goodnight. Take care, always okay.

[The Next day]

Girl: I’m sorry dear, I was very busy yesterday. Wake up! You have classes. Text me shortly.

[Now, No response]

Girl: Hey, why no, msg? Do you not have balance, it’s about lunchtime. Where are you? Why aren’t you in class?

[Message bell]

Boy: He’s no with us any more. My boy is no more. We tried to wake him but… the doctor confirmed he’s no more.
The specialist had given him 2 years, and this is the 3rd year he made it. It looks his heart couldn’t make it any more.
He had an SMS typed in his phone for you, but he wasn’t able to send it…

“Take care of yourself, dear. I’ll be comfortable where I’m moving, and I want you to be the same here. I’m sorry I didn’t inform you about my health, but I didn’t want to trouble you. We all know how hard-working you have been all this time and how much it means to you. I love you so much, and regret that we were not able to talk for longer today, but I agree you might fail your studies and I never want that to occur. I love you very much. Assure me you’ll be strong and remember I’ll always be by your side exness trader.”

Friend request accepted;

(Cute Love Story)

Love Stories

(Maricel from Valleyview, Alta.)

My hubby and I met on a game on Facebook called flirtable in April 2008. We started chatting after that then lots of video calls. We just happened in love as soon as we started talking online and it grew more from the moment we met in person.

A lot of my colleagues told me not to believe in online relations because a lot of people were being tricked, but he proved up at the airport and showed that my friends were crazy. He decided to come to the Philippines in June 2008 to see me, and it was his first journey outside Canada. We spent five weeks exploring our place and met a lot of my family and also friends.

We got coupled in the Philippines in August 2009, and it took us 11 months of waiting for my visa to get passed. I landed in Canada a month before for our 1st anniversary. We will be celebrating 8 years as husband and wife this year. Our son will turn one year this coming April 7.

The long-distance relationship is quite tricky, but it made us stick to our promise, to be honest with each other, respect each other, understand each other and have the patience that we can be together again. I’m just so glad that my mother-in-law spent 2 weeks with us as soon as I came because I got homesick.

I’m just happy with my hubby’s family for their great welcome when we had our reception in Newfoundland since the family of my husband was not able to attend our church wedding in the Philippines. It is heartwarming to be accepted as a member of the family. I became a Canadian Citizen last year.

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What is Love? 

(Animated Love Story)

A Short Love Story Animation Video about What is Love?

“I knew he was the one that is loyal.”

(Trust On Love)

Love Stories

(Gabrielle from Gatineau, Que.)

I met my husband online. He’s a Muslim from Morocco. And I’m a Christian French-Canadian. So in the beginning, it was only a friendship, but with years, feelings took over. And one day, I took my courage, and I bought an airline ticket to see him for the first time finally.

Friends and family did not want me to leave because they were scared for me. But I did not listen. So I took the plane. I was sooooo nervous. When I saw him at the airport, I knew he was the one. My man everything. So now three and a half years later, he’s here with me. We are happily married, and we are trying to have a baby. I can not imagine my life without him. I love you, Anass. P.S: It is cute love stories.

Love at first flight 

(True Love Story)

Love Stories

(Izabella from Montreal)

My partner and I met on a plane is exness regulated in india. I was travelling from Athens, Greece to Yerevan, Armenia to visit my extended family. My now husband was going from Switzerland to Armenia via Athens. He wasn’t assumed to be on my flight but was set to fly three days earlier, but since he forgot his passport, he had to take the next flight, which resulted in being mine.

We relaxed, and the rest is history. Overall we spent only about seven months together, and about 1.5 years separately. We are now not living together as we are starting the immigration process, and he is a business man in Switzerland.

We got married in January 2017, so it’s presently long-distance wedding, but we are very good at staying in touch and lucky to have found each other.


Found Love on Vacation

(Amazing Story)

Love Stories

(Amanda from Calgary)

I was vacationing in Nicaragua when I met my boyfriend named Norwegian. Later only a few days hanging out at a surf camp together, I went back to Calgary, and he added me to Facebook.

Our bond blossomed via Facebook Messenger and FaceTime, and 3 months later, we had our 1st date in Cuba. Now, over a year then (and a couple of tours to Norway, soon to be two – of him coming to Canada) we’re still going active. Thinking of moving to Norway for the summer. This is one of the best love stories.


‘Falling in Love’ – Student Short Film

(Hilarious Story)


Finally on the same soil

(Interesting Love Story)

Love Stories

(Jasmine from São Paulo, Brazil)

My man and I met at our apartment flat in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2014. He’s Brazilian, & I am Canadian. We stayed both studying at the University of Glasgow on exchange programs.

We became perfect mates, and our love started instantly. Once the exchange ended for me in that year, we spent 8 months apart before I could first tour him in Brazil. After that, we travelled to see each other every 5 or 6 months, and the distance was heart-wrenching. You feel their need in every good and bad moment, every weekend, every Christmastime night. And even the milliseconds until you can see them again feel like days.

But when you meet the personality you’re expected to spend your life with; no distance is too far. We see it as a miracle because we formed excellent conversation skills. The bond is incredible. People are always demanding of long-distance relationships (and nothing is more annoying than said souls always trying to rip you down). Still, the fact is that they are imaginable and beyond worth it in many situations (like mine).

We married in 2016, and Now I’ve moved to Brazil. We were happy to break the distance and finally get the opportunity to start our lives together with both our feet on the soil of the same country.

The long-distance connections don’t end though, because now my relationship is quite far. We stay in touch, and we’ll visit as often as possible. Naturally, the important thing is the love we all experience because it doesn’t matter where you go; it breathes with you and is always there. A several kilometres cant change that 😉


Heart Touching Love Story

(Try not to cry)

Love Stories

My name is Julia. When I was 18, I was diagnosed with a small brain tumour. I studied it meant that I would die soon, so I told my lover that I would understand if he left me. Very Emotional Love Stories.

He just smiled and answered, “Yeah, right, when pigs fly!” Finally, the tumour turned out to be benign. I am 21 now, and we’ve been married for two years, and we have a daughter named Hinata. I will never forget his help during those difficult times.


The man who moved a mountain for Love

(Love Power can beat anything)

Love Stories

Some people say the desire of love can also move mountains. This might not be physically possible, but Dashrath Manjhi, also known as the ‘The Mountain Man’, came pretty close.

In one day of his life, his lady fell while crossing a nearby mountain and injure herself seriously. She needed immediate medical help, but that wasn’t possible due to the hill that separated their small village from the next town.

Tragically enough, his partner died from critical injuries before Dashrath could do anything about it. It was the night when Dashrath determined to carve a small path through the mountain to give his community more accessible access to medical help.

It was an energetic plan, and he was heavily panned for it. But after working hard for 22 years with the most significant energy and willpower, a route was carved into the hill. Even though he was initially challenged and teased for his mission to give his hometown easier access to the nearby city, he finally won.

His life’s work served to reduce the distance between the two towns from 55 km to only 15 km so that never repeat such a thing would happen. This is also one of the best Love Stories.


The Love of My Life Passed Away Before We Even Met

(Heart Touching Story)


The Emotional Story of Little Girl

(Sweeter Apple Cute Story)

Cute Love Stories

Cute Love Stories

A pretty little girl was carrying two apples in her hands.

Her mom came in and quietly asked her pretty daughter with a smile, “My baby, could you give one of your two apples?”

The girl stared up at her mom for some moments, then she quickly took a quick bite on one apple, and then soon on the other.

The mom held the smile on her face freeze. She tried tough not to reveal her disappointment.

Then the little daughter handed one of her bitten apples to her mommy, and said, “Mommy, hey! Here you are. This is the more delicious one.”


Sacrifice for Love

(Short Love Stories)

Love Stories

A Heart Touching Love Story About The Guy Who Could Understand Ghosts.

Once upon a time, A boy meets a ghost and ghost is also a young guy.

Boy: Who are you? What happened to you?
Ghost: I was a guy. Now, I am looking for someone.
Boy: How did you die?
Ghost: I hit by a car.
Boy: Were you crossing the road?
Ghost: Something like that.
Boy: What? What do you mean?
Ghost: I was trying to save someone.
Boy: Who was? But why?
Ghost: Because I didn’t want her to get hurt.
Boy: You devoted your life to the one you loved? I bet you she’s sad now because she lost you.
Ghost: No, she’s very happy, because the one I saved was her lover…


I Fell in Love When I Was 3


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